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What is the Scootalicious blog?

Good question. I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not a blog about cooking, though you’ll see plenty of talk of food. It’s not a blog about banking, but it will certainly seek to help you make a quid or two. It’s not a charity, though it is a voice for the power of social good. And it’s not a blog about technology per se, although tech and social media savvy readers can expect plenty of worthy commentary.

Okay, so that clears up what it isn’t, so what is it then?

Scootalicious is a fresh take on communicating in an age where people check their social media feeds before they even get out of bed. We all want to know what went down during those fateful hours when we were sleeping. How many Facebook friends liked our photo of last night’s dinner? What’s trending on Twitter? How many #sunrise photos have been grammed in the 25 minutes since dawn?

These are not just first world questions, these are everywhere questions. But with so much chatter on so many channels creating so much confusion, not to mention controversy, are we all slowly going the way of Randle McMurphy as he slid towards mindless oblivion in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”?

How do we harness the best of social media while being mindful of its pitfalls? What strategies are there for attracting followers and converting them into advocates and customers, while sending trolls and detractors through to the keeper? Why is it important to repurpose content to different social media channels, and to post your best content – such as videos and key milestones – more than once?

We can’t ask Jack Nicholson these questions because he’s a bit of a dinosaur and isn’t on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even LinkedIn (is he crazy – how does he get through the day?). No matter, Scootalicious to the rescue!

The Scootalicious blog will give you the tools to tap into new audiences and strengthen relationships with existing ones. It aims to help people talk – and listen – to their customers, their clients, their supporters and their peers. Scootalicious is broad of topic and edgy of viewpoint, and will always seek to inform readers as factually as possible about the matter at hand. Which isn’t to say a bit of bias won’t creep in from time to time. After all, what’s the point of having editorial licence if you’re not willing to use it on occasion?

Best of all, Scootalicious will give you a few minutes of respite every time it drops into your inbox. So don’t dilly dally, subscribe via the sign-up box at the bottom of this page so you don’t miss a single post!

5 Replies to “The Scootalicious Blog”

  1. Hello you sassy devil. I’m loving your success and motivation. Might have to utilise your skills soon for my adventure into the business world. Looking forward to reading your blogs and being a part of your community. Will spread your word. Love to you both xx

  2. Hi Lovely! Sitting at airport in Hanoi, checking Facebook, as you do, and flicked over to your website from Facebook post! I’m just so social media savvy! Chuckle! Not! That’s my full repertoire. But love the site. I’ve subscribed to everything cos I just love reading your writing. Alas it is still reminiscent of your high school style! Always told you you should be a writer!! I’ll share with all I know! Especially Nat. She has moved to Hong Kong to take up position with an international foundation- Half the Sky Foundation – they should use/employ you!! They intend to go even more global and Nat is now Head of Global Development.
    Lots and lots of love to you and Kaylene! Linda xx

    1. Well thank you, greatly appreciated. Have been loving your travel tales and hope you had a brilliant time in Vietnam. Sounds like Nat is on a marvellous adventure of her own, I’ve just checked out Half the Sky, what an amazing organisation. Will be in touch. Safe flight home xx

    2. Hi Linda. Congratulation on the success your daughter has acheived!!. How exciting for her and you. Hope you are all keeping well and happy. Hugs to you xx

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