The Tremendous 10 (best podcasts of the moment)

Tremendous 10The ten best podcasts of the moment for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Unless you are a) an infant, b) an alien, or c) an infant alien, you will no doubt be so obsessed with listening to podcasts that you barely have time to eat before new episodes of Hamish & Andy, The Moth and *insert preference here* demand your attention.

Yeah, we hear you.

With literally thousands of new podcasts from around the world being lobbed onto iTunes every week, on topics as diverse as foodie culture, cultured foodies, travelling without shoes, political satire (isn’t all politics satirical?), psychology and social media strategy to name but a few, the choice is endless. It’s like the world’s biggest kitchen, chock full of delicious morsels, all waiting to be hoovered up by your ears!

Alas, not everything in this kitchen lives up to expectation. There’s the odd can of Dairy Whip masquerading as King Island Double Cream to contend with. And we all know that’s not good for anyone’s health! With so much choice, is it possible to bypass the canned crap and go straight to quality content that is relevant to you and your business?

It sure is!

Scootalicious has been prowling the podwaves on your behalf and we’ve come up with the Tremendous 10 to help you sort the fluff from the rough and turn all that aural stimulation into mental penetration.

(Note: By the very nature of the Scootalicious blog it should be no surprise that we’ve chosen podcasts aimed at entrepreneurs, small business owners, arty types and wunderkinds!)

So, without further ado, we give you the TREMENDOUS 10.


# 1. Reputation Revolution

Presented by:   Trevor Young 
Main focus:        Personal branding and thought leadership
Streams from:  Melbourne

Clearly we love this guy because he’s number one on our list! Here’s why. Trevor is a self-described “PR warrior on the frontline of the communications revolution” and it’s clear he loves what he does. His interviews with industry leaders and influencers around the world are packed with valuable insights and practical strategies to help professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their sphere of influence. If you want to be a go-to person in your industry, a thriving small business operator, or an entrepreneur whose thought leadership credentials attract as much publicity as your enterprise, you’d better crack on and subscribe to Reputation Revolution. We also highly recommend Trevor’s previous podcast, The Connected Brand, which delves into content marketing and social media strategy, and despite the odd sound quality issue, is a terrific listen.

#2. Chat 10 Looks 3 

Presented by:    Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb
Main focus:        Books, TV, movies, politics, food, amusing anecdotes and witticisms, and plenty more
Streams from:  Sydney

For viewers of ABC TV, this duo need no introduction. For the non-initiated, Leigh Sales presents the hard-hitting current affairs program, 7.30 (and is also handy with a piano and a show tunes songbook), while Annabel Crabb (who appears to have no musical acuity whatsoever) pops up on so many of Aunty’s programs it’s hard to pin her down to just one. She also writes frequently for Fairfax. Needless to say, these acclaimed journalists and firm friends have swags of stories to tell and by jove they do an amusing job of it on Chat 10 Looks 3. Not only will you laugh out loud frequently, you’ll also say “well I never” quite a lot, and will glean some great material to regale friends with at your next dinner party!

#3. Small Business Big Marketing

Presented by:    Timbo Reid
Main focus:        Just what the name says
Streams from:  Melbourne

Timbo Reid is not only a champion marketer, he’s also a champion podcaster. With nearly 250 episodes under his belt he’s been honing his craft since way back in 2009 when most people thought podcasts were a type of pea. Timbo has achieved massive global recognition since then and his podcast now represents one of the most insightful and comprehensive online resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Calling himself Timbo, not Tim, is a big clue that he’s a happy guy, and his delivery is infectiously upbeat – just try being in a bad mood after one of his shows! In addition, his voluminous knowledge of marketing and ability to attract quality people onto the show, make Small Business Big Marketing a must-subscribe podcast for anyone involved in running a business.

#4. Online Marketing Made Easy

Presented by:    Amy Porterfield
Main focus:        Social media strategy with an emphasis on Facebook marketing
Streams from:  USA

Amy is a legend in the social media community and co-authored the book ‘Facebook Marketing for Dummies’. Her podcasts offer practical tips to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow without spending a fortune. YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and others all get the Amy treatment and you’ll soon see why so many social media marketers and  business owners recommend this podcast.

#5. Brand Newsroom

Produced by:     Lush Digital Media
Main focus:        Content marketing and brand journalism
Streams from:  Perth, WA

At around 20 minutes long, Brand Newsroom podcasts are not only packed with great commentary about innovations and trends in brand journalism and content marketing, but are the perfect length to slot in when driving to meetings, commuting to work or walking the dog. Produced in Perth, there is nothing colloquial about Brand Newsroom. It has a distinctly global flavour as the panel – from Australia, the UK and the US – discuss issues of the day that affect how businesses communicate with their audiences.

#6. The Bugle

Presented by:    John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman
Main focus:        Satirical social and political commentary, cricket (it’s funny side – yes, it has one!), general mirth and pop culture
Streams from:  London (Andy’s home) and New York (John’s home)

Anyone who has seen John Oliver’s sardonic rants on Last Week Tonight or The Daily Show will know they are in for a feast of satirical high-wit and mockery on this podcast. As for sidekick Andy Zaltzman, a relative stranger in these parts prior to touring Australia with his show Satirist for Hire in March 2015, he is not only the funniest big hair guy in the business, but also the most unlikely cricket fan. Check out his blog The Confectionery Stall where he clean bowls the game with more satirical spin than Warney during one of his 7-wicket hauls! Oliver and Zaltzman are a knockout tag-team and you can expect plenty of high notes and very little B-flat from this bugle!

#7. Background Briefing

Presented by:    ABC Radio National
Main focus:        Investigative journalism, current affairs and political issues of the day
Streams from:  Canberra and Sydney

High quality investigations of issues affecting Australians, including politics, terrorism, domestic violence, science and technology, sport, health and everything in between. Shows are recorded weekly by various ABC journalists with an emphasis on unbiased reportage of a wide range of issues and hot topics. If you want the facts, sans political spin and obfuscation, you want Background Briefing.

#8. The Weekly Hour

Presented by:    Various 
Main focus
:         Satirical political and social commentary brimming with youthful exuberance
Streams from:   Melbourne

A witty and insightful deconstruction of all things #auspol, with plenty of tongues in cheeks being wagged at public figures of all political stripes. You’ll laugh, cry, wince and groan in equal measure…and that’s just in the first 5 minutes! The joie de vivre of youth bounces off the speakers of this podcast like a bus-load of uni students dressed up for O week. And what could be better than being made to feel young again!

#9. The Moth Podcast

Presented by:    Various
Main focus:        True stories, unscripted, up close and personal
Streams from:  New York

The Guardian says, “it’s brilliant and quietly addictive”, while The Wall Street Journal calls it, “New York’s hottest and hippest literary ticket”. Lofty praise indeed, and with good reason. The Moth Radio Show launched in 1997 with one aim – to immerse New Yorkers in the art of storytelling by broadcasting real people, telling true stories, unscripted. The show’s runaway success has brought the avant-garde to the masses. The Moth Podcast offers bite-sized chunks of the radio show so those of us in far-flung lands can savour a little piece of The Big Apple any old time we like.

#10. Vinyl Soul

Presented by:    Aiden Grant
Main focus:        Music, musicians, chat
Streams from:  Adelaide, SA

Here’s one for the music buffs. Presenter Aiden G works on commercial radio in Adelaide but don’t let that deter you. His musical tastes are as broad as commercial radio is narrow, and he dedicates the fledgling Vinyl Soul podcast to “the soundtrack of our lives”. Although still a pup with only 6 episodes under its vinyl-coated belt, the inclusion of Morgan Bain, front man for 90s alternative rockers Everclear, in episode 4, was all this writer needed to include Vinyl Soul in the Tremendous 10.

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