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Words should be¬†music to your readers’¬†ears, not make their head spin.

Writing powerful and compelling content for your website and social media channels is an essential part of attracting new audiences and nurturing relationships with existing ones.

The most effective way to write for digital channels is to¬†paint a picture with your words – show don’t tell – and be succinct. Don’t¬†try to bamboozle readers¬†with¬†waffle¬†or jargon, you’ll soon send them scarpering and it’s unlikely you’ll get them back. Remember that nobody has time these days to wade through War and Peace when all they want to know is what your organisation does and if you can help them.

Put yourself in your audience’s¬†shoes.

Imagine you are visiting your own website for the first time. Is it easy to navigate? Are pages and menus¬†arranged in a¬†logical way¬†so you can find what you’re looking for in just a few clicks? Does¬†the writing suit the style of your¬†website and is it engaging? Importantly,¬†is your SEO up to scratch?

Now look at¬†your social channels. Would you follow you? Is the content you post¬†relevant to your target audience and are you using hashtags effectively? Do your blog, Facebook posts and tweets¬†capture the imagination or are they¬†a cure for insomnia? And here’s the litmus test¬†– is your audience steadily growing across all your social channels?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, Scoot Communications would be happy to do an appraisal of your website and social channels to help you maximise your impact and grow your audience.