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Well-crafted digital content and social media strategy for businesses and social enterprises.

In our frenetic digital world, engaging audiences requires a mix of great content, strategic vision, ongoing evaluation and persistence. Just like floating down a Vietnamese river in a long boat, it’s not a five-minute job.

Creating engaging and optimised content for your website and social media channels is a fundamental part of building a strong and authoritative online presence. However, it is by no means the only consideration.

You’ll also need to monitor your social feeds and reply to queries and comments from followers (and potential followers), glean analytics insights to gauge performance and learn more about your customers, keep an eye on your competitors, write a blog and roll out regular email marketing campaigns (because even in 2017, this is still one of the best ways of bringing traffic to your website).

Of course, you’ll also need to develop a social media strategy that speaks to your marketing and communications strategies and incorporates the key performance indicators or social mission of your organisation.

Your head may be spinning, but don’t worry, call Teri Cooper at Scoot Communications on 0412 754 653 and let’s tackle the journey together.

Scoot Communications takes care of your content so you can take care of your business.

About Scoot Communications

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The Scoot story

cropped-ScootBanner.pngScoot Communications was borne out of a love of writing, a love of travel and a growing obsession with social media. Weaving all three passions together to form a business seemed like a very attractive idea to its founder. Having spent many years on the corporate hamster wheel, Teri decided to give it a red hot go.

Plans were drawn, numbers were crunched and risks were assessed. Then, in the Spring of 2013, Scoot Communications roared into life – and has been roaring at full speed ever since. Today, Scoot has built a solid track record of helping businesses develop engaging communication and social media strategies that are geared towards growing their online audiences.

Recent projects successfully delivered by Scoot Communications include writing internal communications and employee engagement content for Toll Group, managing email marketing campaigns and blogging for IT consultancy TACT, and advising cycle clothing company Rapha on media relations and social media strategy.

“Scoot’s primary focus is to help businesses and social enterprises grow and actively engage with their online audiences through well-crafted content and finely tuned social media strategy.”

About Teri Cooper

Teri Cooper headshot, Sept 2015Teri is a writer and communications professional who loves nothing more than cobbling together a few choice words and letting them rip on social media. As well as ghost blogging and social media management for various clients, she has written press releases, feature articles, optimised web content and branded marketing collateral. 

Teri has a flair for storytelling, a love of all things social media and is a content marketing junkie. She understands that developing a measurable social media and digital content strategy that speaks to both your core business and your target audience is a crucial part of a successful marketing and communications mix. Organisations that wish to maintain competitive advantage know that retaining the loyalty of their customers means engaging with them on a range of channels, from email to social media. For many businesses this is easier said than done. This is where Scoot Communications comes to the fore.

Teri has 20 years experience in mining, engineering, consulting and hospitality, with demonstrated expertise in social media advice and strategy, corporate communications, media relations, copywriting, publicity, content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), branding rollouts, website administration, crisis management, photography and documentary film making and editing.

Teri holds a Master of Media and Communications degree from Swinburne University and is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, an invitation-only leadership organisation with global affiliations.

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Grow your business by growing your online audience.

Scoot Communications offers a comprehensive suite of digital content and strategy services that can be tailored to the individual needs of your business or social enterprise.

By developing a social media strategy that feeds into the marketing and communications objectives of your organisation, Scoot Communications can help you find, grow and nurture target audiences – and steer them to your website or towards answering a call to action.

Scoot’s services include:

If any of these questions have you scratching your head, it’s time to act.

“Why do we need an Instagram presence or a blog? Isn’t Facebook enough?”

“Mere mention of the word analytics makes my eyes glaze over. How will I ever master it, and why do I need to bother?”

“How do we write engaging content that people will share? And how do we steer them from our social networks to our website? What sorts of content work best?”

“We post to our social feeds twice a week but we’re busy and understaffed so rarely reply to comments from people. Why is our audience not growing?”

“We’ve noticed we’re getting fewer likes on Facebook than we used to. Do we need to think about paid content? We are a not-for-profit, how can we afford to do that?”

Scoot Communications will partner with you to turn your social media channels into conduits for growth and brand awareness.


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Scoot Communications has worked with many celebrated clients since first revving its engines in 2013. They include:

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