Social media marketing and strategy

Social media is fundamental to the success of your business or social enterprise

Just as an organisation’s marketing and communication strategies are essential components to success, so too is having a well planned, target-driven and outcome-focused social media strategy.

Scoot Communications can help your organisation or social enterprise define the rationale, benefits, risks, budgetary considerations and structure of using social media to grow your online presence to build long-lasting, advocacy-based relationships with existing and new audiences.

Scoot Communications can assist in the following areas:

  • Developing a social media strategy that reflects your business goals and growth objectives
  • Assessing which social media channels are the best fit for you – and why
  • Developing content and editorial calendars to help with planning
  • Using analytics to measure the growth of your online audiences against projections, manage and plan campaigns and deliver against KPIs (tools include Google Analytics; TrueSocialMetrics; Iconosquare; Facebook Insights; Twitonomy and others)
  • Ideas for your blog
  • Providing tailored best-practice guidelines for all social media channels used by your organisation to help your people speak with one voice and stay on message (includes branding, tone of voice, when to post content, how to engage audiences etc)